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Insulated Glass Repair by Jeff's Glass

Insulated glass is typically within a new home and is constructed using this type of class in the window and door applications. Insulated glass can also be referred to as I.G.’s or units. These units are constructed of two pieces of glass that are joined together by a perimeter spacer and sealed to create an airtight component. The benefits of insulated glass are that it creates a dead air space between the two pieces of glass that is creating insulating properties. Windows that are implementing insulated glass are more energy-efficient. Typically, the bigger the space between the two pieces of glass, then it will be better in terms of insulating qualities. Another wonderful benefit of insulated glass is that it provides great soundproofing. Your office and home will have a quieter environment with the use of our insulated windows at Jeff’s Glass.

Local & Trusted Glass Services

Jeff’s Glass professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in several applications of insulated glass. We can show you a multitude of products on the market for use in your business or home to fill your specific wants and needs. Our residential clients can always rely on the best customer service that we provide for them with a wide variety of customized glass and mirror solutions to meet any type of request possible. Our work will beautify and enhance your living space to make it more enjoyable. We have several years worth of experience and many hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the local Michigan area.